How many gamers are there among Polish internet users?

The survey conducted in the spring of 2020 indicates that over 3/4 of the Polish Internet users aged 15-65 have played a video game at least once within the recent month. Although a change of the research panel and continuous expansion of the test group by older gamers (aged 55-65) does not allow direct comparison with the previous editions of the research, a higher percentage of older gamers in the examined population proves further development of video games as one of the most popular entertainment forms in Poland. A comparison of the received percentage values with the data concerning the size of the population aged 15-65 and the percentage of the people with Internet access in Polish households allows an approximate estimation of the number of Polish gamers. According to the data from the “Demographic annual 2020” published at the end of July 2020, at the end of 2019, the population of Polish gamers aged 15-65 amounted to over 26 million . Simultaneously, the percentage of households with Internet access increased to 83.1% . Based on the above data, it can be estimated that until 2019, the number of Polish gamers aged 15-65 was at the level of 16 million people.

Base: All respondents, N=1430 (2020). PublicisGroupe – Data science – Research, CAWI, June 2020, TG: All, 15-65
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