Average amounts spent on console games

With the 76% share of Polish gamers in the Internet population aged 15-65, only 22% of the respondents stated that they used consoles, which places console games on the lowest, fifth position among the five gaming platforms. However, console gamers purchase the highest numbers of games and spend the highest amounts of money. 46% of console gamers purchase games. However, a decrease of 9 percentage points has been observed when compared to the results of the Polish Gamers Research 2019.

Chart 1 Base: Respondents playing specific types of games N=374
Have you ever paid a fee related to the following types of games?
Chart 2 Base: Respondents who pay for console games, N=170
How much do you usually spend at one time to buy console games?
Chart 3 Base: Respondents who pay for console game add-ons, N=103
How much do you usually spend on add-ons for console games per purchase?

Pursuant to the results of this year’s research, an increase of 5 percentage points has been observed in relation to 2019 in the case of expenditures for new console games up to PLN 100, and also in the PLN 100-200 bracket. On the other hand, a significant decrease has been recorded for the highest amounts, i.e., PLN 200-300, from 18% in 2019 to 6% in 2020. The decrease refers also to declarations of payments exceeding PLN 300, from 3% in 2019 to 2% in 2020. However, in 2015, the highest bracket was indicated by 12%.

Similarly, as in 2019, 28% of the console gamers pay for expansions, but those payments are also trending towards lower amounts. In the case of expansions to console gamers above PLN 100, a decrease by 8 percentage points has been recorded, from 13% in 2019 to 8% in 2020. In the case of the average price brackets, an increase in indications has been observed. For PLN 30-49, an increase by 5 percentage points took place when compared to Polish Gamers Research 2019, while for PLN 50-99, that increase amounted to 7%.

As the survey was conducted in May 2020, during the nationwide lockdown, the decreases in the higher brackets may be directly connected with the pandemic and more general consumer care in spending higher amounts of money.