Habits of underaged gamers. Gaming frequency

In relation to the results for the previous year, the share of children playing every day on all five platforms decreased. The highest decrease has been observed for mobile devices. In 2019, 30% of children played on smartphones every day, while in 2020 those were only 22%. A significant decrease by 15 percentage points has also been recorded in the case of games on social media, such as Facebook or nk.pl – from 27% in 2019 to 12% a year later. That phenomenon can be explained, among others, by the decreasing popularity of Facebook among the youngest Internet users. The frequency of every day playing on consoles decreased by 5 percentage points to 10% in 2020 and by 7 percentage points for browser games, also to 10% in the recently analysed period. The most stable results have been observed for games installed on personal computers – a decrease amounted to only 3 percentage points YoY. Such a change in the behaviour of some parents may be caused by better knowledge concerning the impact of spending time playing on a child’s development, including sight. This knowledge is spread by the World Health Organisation, medical practitioners and parenting media.

Base: Parents of children up to the age of 18 who play games, N=425
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