Purchasing games and expansions

Similarly, as in previous years, the respondents answered questions not only related to their willingness to pay for games or expansions on specific platforms, but also to the amounts of such expenses and the most popular payment forms.

Base: Respondents playing specific types of games
Have you ever paid a fee related to the following types of games? 

The trend visible in recent years has been confirmed – console gamers most frequently declare that they spend money on games (46%) and expansions. It should be noted that in comparison to the previous year, less console gamers (by 9 percentage points) declare payment for games. 28% of the console users (2 percentage points less than in the previous year) spend money on expansions. Only 38% of console users are not interested in spending money on new games at all. That share is significantly higher among gamers using personal computers, in comparison to console users. Nearly a half of PC gamers (47%) do not spend money on games at all, using only free to play games or games received during promotions, such as the Epic Store giveaways. 41% of PC gamers still purchased paid versions of games and 27% of them purchase expansions as well.

The users of games available on social networks, where the business model is based on free-to-play and advertisement revenues, are on the opposite side. Among the users of games in social networks, 86% do not spend any money and only 14% purchase expansions and virtual goods from time to time. Considering a change of the research platform, a decrease in the people paying for expansions/virtual goods when compared to the previous editions of the research should be recorded anyway. In 2019, 21% of the respondents paid for expansions to games on social networks. The preferences of mobile gamers are relatively stable. Similarly, as in the previous years, approximately 12% of them purchased paid games in Google Play or AppStore and 20% purchase paid expansions, which constitutes an increase by 4 percentage points YoY.