The most popular platforms for watching e-sports

The main channels used to watch e-sports have not changed for years. YouTube streaming is still the most popular streaming platform. Although this year, that platform was indicated by 38% of the gamers, it still recorded a decrease of 8 percentage points in comparison to 2019 and by 5 percentage points in comparison to 2018. Facebook is on the second position with the result of 26%. Twitch, purchased in 2014 by for the amount of USD 970 million, occupies the third position (16%). The popularity of traditional television has been growing for the last three years, among others because of such channels as Polsat Games. In 2018, only 7% of the respondents indicated traditional television as the platform used to watch e-sports. Two years later, that share increased to 13%. Mixer belonging to Microsoft since 2016 (purchased as Beam and transformed into Mixer a year later) was indicated by 4% of Polish e-sports fans in May 2020. However, two months later, in July 2020, Microsoft closed its streaming platform and began cooperation with Facebook Gaming.

Base: Gamers interested in e-sport, N=254
Where do you most often watch the competitions of computer players?