Average money amounts spent on browser games

28% of the users of browser games declare that they pay for game expansions. The expenditures for browser games have remained at a similar level for many years. Over half of Polish gamers choose fees in the brackets of PLN 5-30. It should be noted that the results are very similar practically on all markets offering browser games. Approximately 3-4% of the gamers are the so-called whales, or VIP gamers, who spend much higher amounts than all the other people. The same result can be observed based on the declarations of gamers using that platform. 4% of browser gamers state that they spend more than PLN 100 on expansions.

Chart 1 Base: Respondents playing specific types of games N=406
Have you ever paid a fee related to the following types of games?
Chart 2 Base: Respondents who pay for online video game add-ons, N=115
How much do you usually spend on online video game add-ons per purchase?