Polish Gamers Research 2019

Polish Gamers Research 2019 is the fifth edition of all-Poland oriented study conducted among gamers presenting latest trends among Polish players. The research provides detailed information and data on e.g. gamers’ demography, financial situation, their spendings, methods of payments, favourite platforms, genres, motivations behind playing, sources of new games, scale of piracy, popularity of e-sport, particular consoles and VR devices.
Polish Gamers Research attaches considerable significance to the analyses of how children aged 7-15 years old and their parents acquire video games, how parental control is being used or if the PEGI system is obeyed. Polish Gamers Research also analyzes silver gamers' (aged 56-65) behaviours as there is a growing need to better understand this new group of gamers. The project was conducted by Polish Gamers Observatory initiative and Krakow Technology Park in technical cooperation with the IQS research company.