General information about our study

More than five years ago general knowledge of gamers in Poland was very limited and based on typical stereotypes. Right now some conclusions from our project can be found everywhere.

Thanks to the fact that we carry out our research every year, we can follow the trends on a regular basis. Moreover, every year we try to extend the scope of our research even further. Last year we dedicated part of our research to parents, this year we decided to analyze for the very first time older gamers (silver gamers) between 55 and 65 YO.


Objective of the study was to provide detailed information about gamers who are Internet users age 15–65 y.o. and play games on one of the following platforms:

Additionally the objective was to present the habits of parents (both players & non players)  related to their children playing games as well as the habits of gamers age 55-65.


Sample structure was corrected with the analytic weight to fit the structure of population of Internet users aged 15–65 regarding key characteristics corresponding with the objective of research. When calculating the weight, social–demographic variables were taken, i.e. gender, age, level of education, size of locality. Results presented in the report are based on weighted data.


The study was conducted 26.03 – 08.04 2019


Invitations to take part in the survey were sent by e-mail to members of panel belonging to IQS. The sample was chosen with a random–quota sampling method.


  • representative sample of Polish internet users aged 15-65 y.o.: N=1239
  • representative sample of gamers 15-55 y.o.: N=775
  • representative sample of gamers 56-65 y.o.: N=112
  • boosters for each of five analysed platforms: N=450
  • representative sample parents of children below 18 y.o.: N=744 (including boost of non-gaming parents, N=100)