Payment methods – console games

A radical change regarding the favourite payment methods of console gamers occurred within the last five years. In 2015, Polish gamers usually paid for console games and expansions by cash or credit card in brick-and-mortar stores. In 2020, the favourite payment method is BLIK with the result of 38%. Internet transfers, leading on the last year’s list, are placed on the second position with 36%. Payments using credit or debit cards on the Internet are selected by 34% of the gamers. 28% of the respondents are still happy to pay with cash or credit/debit card in brick-and-mortar stores, although it constitutes a major decrease when compared to 56% in 2019. Mobile transfers were indicated by 25% of the respondents, which is 4% higher than among PC gamers.
The first place of a relatively new payment method, BLIK, indicates that console gamers are open to changes and technological novelties.

Base: Respondents who play games on a game console, N=373
How have you paid so far for shopping for games on the game console?