Familiarity with the PEGI system among parents

Familiarity with the PEGI age rating system (stickers and warnings specifying the age which is required for children to play a given game) and adherence to its guidelines are decreasing year after year in Polish society, which is quite disturbing. In comparison to 2019, 48% of parents admitted that they were not familiar with PEGI, which was by 3% more than the year before. 24% of parents ignore the recommendations of age ratings, although they are familiar with them. Only 28% of the parents know what PEGI is and follow its guidelines while purchasing or sharing games with children. Lack of knowledge or ignorance of the parents of playing children combined with an increased level of no parental controlling on the devices used by children to play video games (from 44% in 2019 to 55% in 2020) is a troubling forecast. The consequences may be noticeable not only in the development of children, but also in the functioning and perception of the game industry by the public opinion, investors, media and state authorities which currently support the sector.

Base: : Parents of children up to the age of 18 who play computer games, N=425
Are you guided by the PEGI system when choosing a game for child \ children?