The most popular eSports games in Poland

While analysing the results of the Polish Gamers Research for this and the previous year, it can be observed that Polish gamers are relatively stable with respect to the most popular e-sports games. FIFA by Electronic Arts is the leader, which recorded an increase of 1 percentage point in comparison to 2019. League of Legends by Riot Games is in the second position with a decrease of 2 percentage points, and Counter-Strike by Valve occupies the third location with the same result as in the previous year. 11% of the respondents indicated World of Tanks, a tank battle simulator developed by Wargaming studio from Belarus both this year and in 2019. Starcraft 2, a real-time strategy game by Blizzard Entertainment obtained 10% of the indications in 2019 and only 5% in 2020. Other games generated an insignificant number of indications at the level of 1-3%.

Base: Gamers interested in e-sport N=254
In which of the following e-sport games are you most interested in?