Payment methods – PC games

Four years ago, the most popular payment method for PC games among Polish gamers was cash or credit card in a brick-and-mortar store (58%). The consumer habits of gamers have significantly changed since that time. In 2020, that payment method was indicated by 30% of the respondents. Currently, the most popular payment method among PC gamers is Internet transfer. That payment method is preferred by 44% of the gamers. They are also happy to pay with a credit or debit card on the Internet. BLIK payments are at the third place with 36% of indications. Mobile transfers are used by 21% of the respondents and Paysafecard by 16%. It is interesting that payments using scratching cards are used by only 3%, while four years ago that method was selected by 9% of the Poles.

Base: Respondents who pay for purchases related to computers, N=216
How have you paid so far for shopping for games on the game computers?