Age of Polish gamers and type of games played (multiple choice)

The sixth edition of Polish Gamers Research brought a significant change in the method of presenting the results regarding the age of Polish gamers. Instead of average values for all age brackets, the results are currently presented separately for each of the age groups. Additionally, an average number of platforms used by the gamers in a given age group has been added.

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The users in the age bracket 15–24 usually use two platforms. The majority (80%) uses mobile platforms, which is consistent with the international trends of that platform’s domination. 56% of them also play on personal computers or laptops, and only 39% chose consoles.

In the next age brackets, the percentage share of specific platforms decreases, although mobile games still remain in the leading position. It should be noted that console games are significantly less popular among the two upper age groups – only 18% of the respondents aged 45–54 and 12% of the respondents aged 55–65 use that platform.

In the case of the oldest gamers, it should be noted that if those people play video games, they usually do it using one specific platform.