This year’s Polish Gamers Research edition continues analysing of the popularity of e-sport among Polish players.

38% of players (that is 10% more than in 2018) are interested in e-sport, with 9% saying they’re “definitely interested” and 29% saying “somewhat interested”.

There has been a significant increase of e-sport fans who follow or watch gaming tournaments and leagues quite often (meaning at least once a week). Last year, it was 27%, now – 43%.

A similar percentage of users (this year 37%, while last year – 36) have personally participated in an e-sport event either as a spectator or a competitor. The events that offer such opportunities in Poland are primarily Intel Extreme Masters held in Katowice, or the Poznań Game Arena.

Just like last year, most people indicated Youtube Streaming as their favourite channel to follow e-sport competitions, with Facebook, and Twitch coming second and third, respectively. The biggest increase was noticed among people who watch e-sport in on traditional television. 12% of respondents named the TV their main source for watching e-sport, while a year ago, it was only 7%. This increase can clearly be attributed to Polsat Games – a gaming tv channel broadcasted since mid-October last year.

Analyzing the answers to the question: “Which e-sport games are you most interested in?” yields some interesting results. Once again, the FIFA series was the most popular one. The balanced result in the second place is also noteworthy. While the popularity of League of Legends is steadily growing, Counter Strike recorded a significant decrease in popularity.