Most popular platforms

Interesting conclusions can be drawn from the analysis of the popularity of different types of games among children of different ages. The general pattern is that the older the child, the more comprehensive the player becomes. The youngest children are dominated by mobile games but around 11 years old that the situation changes. Children aged 11-14 use games on almost all platforms, although mobile is still the most important one. For teenagers, on the other hand, the importance of console games is declining, which can be explained by a generally lower interest of girls in the platform.

The gender-sensitive chart of game genre popularity reveals some important differences. In general, girls are more likely to reach for less dynamic but knowledge-intensive educational and logic games.

On the other hand, boys are much more likely to use games: racing/symulators, sports, strategic games and RPG, where dynamism and often rivalry are important.

Huge disproportion in reaching for first-person shootouts (FPS) – girls are almost not interested in this genre of games, and among boys it is the 5th most preferred genre.