Payment methods

When it comes to popularity of payment methods among Polish gamers, we can observe that PC, console and social platform gamers prefer internet transfers. In case of console gamers we notice a significant growth in internet transfers from 43% to 55%. A similar change, from 28% to 43%  was noticed among social (platforms?) gamers.

Credit and debit cards are the second most popular online payment method among PC and console gamers. In 2019 they moved from the third to the second position.

Those two groups of gamers are very likely to pay for games in offline shop in cash or by card, however this payment method has fallen in the ranking since 2018. In case of those playing games on social platforms the most popular method of payment are not premium sms payments any more but internet transfers and PayPal. However, according to the responses of browser gamers, the popularity of premium sms payments is even higher than in 2018 (52% comparing to 44%). That is not a good sign due to the high level of mobile operators’ commission.