Average video game expenditure

This year, we have followed a tradition and asked our respondents some detailed questions about the average spending on particular platforms, both for new games and for add-ons to them.

First of all, Polish players on PCs are still very price-sensitive and have a hard time accepting the alignment of prices of PC games with the levels from Western Europe. Even here, however, we notice some progress. Last year, only 19% of Polish gamers declared that they had spent on average more than PLN 100 on a new game on average. This year, this factor has increased to 28%. In case of console users, accustomed to higher prices for years, this percentage is much higher. 64% spend more than PLN 100, although it is worth noting that only 21% are ready to accept average expenditures above PLN 200.

In the case of browser and social games, we spend money exclusively on additional content. The most frequently declared level of expenditure (about a quarter of responses) ranges from 10 to 19 PLN.

49% of mobile players who spend any money at all declare that they are willing to pay no more than PLN 10 for a new game, which is a significant increase compared to last year. It is also interesting to note that 60% of them spend more than PLN 10 on game expansions.