Gender of Polish gamers

During last 5 years Polish Gamers Research has provided strong evidence that the misconception prevailing in the Polish society and mainstream media that gamers as a group consist almost entirely of males is false. We do hope that this stereotype will fade into the past for good.

According to the trends from past 4 years, women constituted more than 40% of all Polish Gamers.

Comparing to last year, we can observe a 4% drop in percentage of playing women.

In 2019 women have represented 47% of all Polish gamers however this year they are dominating only on social networks (53%).

In 2019 men have attained higher percentages in four remaining groups and are noticeably dominating on console, and PC and browser platforms. Last year mobile platforms belonged to women (56%). This year the proportion is almost equal, 49% of women and 51% of men.