Coronavirus pandemic and the expenditures of gamers using different platforms

The Polish gamers who declared that they paid for games or made in-game purchases, have been asked about the impact of the pandemic on their expenditures on specific platforms. On the basis of the answers received in May 2020, it has been noticed that more frequent gaming as a result of the lockdown did not correspond to increased expenditures. In the case of the majority of gamers, their spending level did not change.

Base: Respondents who pay for games on specific platform.
Has the pandemic situation affected your gaming expenses?

The share of answers regarding increased expenditures for games is at the level of 11-15%, however, apart from games for personal computers, the number of answers stating decreased expenditures for games is twice more frequent than their increase. 27% of the gamers playing browser games and games on social networks declared lower expenditures connected with gaming. 22% of console users and 21% of mobile gamers also decreased their gaming expenditures. The lowest savings have been observed among gamers using personal computers (16%). Some of the gamers decided to save because of the uncertainty regarding employment and economic situation. On the other hand, free-to-play games, popular in Poland, allow many hours of entertainment without involving any financial resources. Some of the gamers may also decide to return to the games they purchased in the past or received during promotions, which have previously been put aside.