Number of Polish gamers by platforms

How many players are there among Polish internet users aged 15-55?

Almost 8 out of 10 Polish internet users aged 15-55 declare to have played a video game at least once during the month preceding the study.

What gaming platforms did the players use during the previous month? (Multiple choice possible)?

Mobile games are definitely the most popular – almost 60% of internet users play mobile games. The share of users playing games installed on PC and via web browser is similar: 34% and 33%, respectively.

Twenty-eight percent of respondents play on consoles, while 26% of Polish gamers choose playing games on social network.

This year’s results clearly show two obvious trends – on the one hand, the position of mobile devices as the most popular gaming platform is becoming increasingly stronger. On the other, the difference between the number of PC players and console players is getting smaller.