Popularity of different genres of games

What type of games do you usually prefer on the given platform?

Fans of games that can be installed on PC like to play in virtual farms, card games, MMOs, FPS or economic strategies every day. Farm simulators/virtual farms are also the most frequently played and the most popular among gamers who like to play on their browsers or on social media sites. Console gamers play logic games FPS and RPGs every day while sports games are being played several times a week.

The most popular genres among browser, social media, and mobile users are logic games, card games, action games, adventure games, strategy and sports games as well as farm simulators. The choice made by PC and console gamers are more diverse. PC gamers favor FPS, action games, adventure games, logic games and strategy games. Console gamers’ favorite genres are sports games, adventure games, action games, racing simulators and FPS