Are you interested in esport? (Professional competitive gaming)?

As opposed to last year’s edition of Polish Gamers Research, in which we added the subject of e-sport for the first time, this time we decided to divide the questions into several separate issues. 28% are interested in e-sport, with 8% saying “definitely yes” and 20% saying “rather yes”.  More than 60% of people interested in e-sport (28%) watch or track the games of professional computer players at least once a month. Slightly more, 64% of those interested in the e-sport declared that they watched the computer games live at least once in the last 12 months during physical events, such as Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, PGL in Kraków, Warsaw Games Week or Poznań Game Arena.

As last year, when asked about “Where do you follow e-sport competitions”, most people indicated Youtube Streaming. This year on the second position appeared Facebook, pushing Twitch to the third place. It can be the reason of the exclusive contract announced at the beginning of this year, which ESL signed with Facebook for transmission of its tournaments and leagues in highly popular in Poland title – Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It is still clear that e-sport for gamers is not associated with traditional television. That answer was indicated by only 7% of respondents.

It is also worth analysing the answers to the question: “Which of the e-sport games are you interested in the most? The obtained answers unambiguously point to an interesting, strongly undeveloped fragment of the e-sport scene in Poland. FIFA series. Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions on the IP owner, official FIFA tournaments are quite rare comparing to the tournaments in three consecutive titles on the list, CS: GO, League of Legends and World of Tanks.