Source of new games – PC&Consoles

Where do you get the games you play on PC/console from? (multiple-choice question)

Analyzing the answers concerning the sources of game acquisition used by players, we’ve noticed that as many as 56% of Polish players prefer to use and play free games available on the Internet. Free games, especially in the freemium model, are very popular on the Polish market.
Poles are also eager to buy games. In the case of PC and console games, slightly more than half of the respondents (52%) decided to purchase a physical (so-called boxed) version of the product in a retail or online store.
One in three respondents buys digital games by the Internet, using digital distribution services. An equally large group (32%) are players who exchange games or borrow them from friends and family. 15% of respondents admit to piracy (downloading paid games for free from unofficial sources). Only 1% of gamers indicate that they acquire new games from other sources, while 5% declare that they do not buy new games at all.